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The Indian Centre for Academic Rankings & Excellence (ICARE) is committed to elevating the quality of Indian higher education by fostering global competencies and advancing university rankings. Founded in 2014, ICARE aims to have at least 5 Indian universities ranked within the Top 200 World University Rankings by 2025.

As a trusted source of independent analysis, ICARE provides valuable insights to academicians, university leaders, and government officials. Our Advisory Board conducts extensive research and develops innovative tools to enhance education standards and promote long-term social and economic development. Through initiatives like the ‘Indian Universities Ranking’ project, ICARE continuously identifies and addresses challenges in the Indian Higher Education sector. Join us in driving excellence and transformation in Indian higher education.

Release of the Gujarat State Institutional Rating Framework (GSIRF) 2022

The Knowledge Consortium of Gujarat (KCG) in partnership with the Indian Centre for Academic Rankings & Excellence (ICARE)

10 Years of Assessment Excellence
5+ Years of Governmental Ministry Projects

Since its establishment in 2014, ICARE has emerged as a leading authority in educational analysis, providing nearly a decade of top-tier assessment services. Our expertise spans quality audits, accreditation processes, ratings, educational standards calibration, and strategic reviews. With extensive experience in managing critical governmental projects, ICARE has been instrumental in shaping national initiatives to enhance academic excellence. Collaborations with state and central government bodies have led to significant advancements in educational standards and policy implementation. Notable contributions include pivotal roles in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), data validation for NAAC, the Institution of Eminence (IOE) Initiative, National Education Policy (NEP) implementation, State University Rankings (KSURF, GSIRF, TANSURF, MSURF), and setting National Standards for Civil Service Training Institutions (NSCSTI).

Trusted Leader in Educational Excellence

ICARE stands as a trusted leader in advancing higher education standards in India. Renowned for its rigorous methodologies and commitment to integrity, ICARE delivers reliable insights and guidance.

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Comprehensive Quality Assurance

ICARE excels in comprehensive quality assurance practices, ensuring institutions meet and exceed global educational standards. Our methodologies emphasize rigorous evaluation and unbiased assessment.

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Innovative Frameworks for Excellence

ICARE develops cutting-edge frameworks that enhance educational quality across the board. These frameworks cover essential areas such as faculty development, digital integration, and educational standards calibration.

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Empowering Educational Leadership

ICARE empowers educational leaders with actionable research, tools, and global data. By fostering collaboration and providing strategic insights, ICARE supports the development of effective strategies for continuous improvement in higher education

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GSIRF (Gujarat State Insitutional Rating Framework)

10:00 am - 4:30 pmKingster Grand Hall

Karnataka State Universities Ranking Framework

1:00 pm - 5:00 pmKingster Grand Hall

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